Older Episodes

Episode 1: Jungle Days (3/25/13) 

The  first episode is actually episode 1.5, since part one accidentaly wasn't recorded. Bud and Will work their mine, build their farm and visit the nearby jungle.

Episode 2: Just Dig It (3/28/13) 

Allot of digging this episode, as Floata mines and Bud hollows out a drop shaft.

Epsiode 3: Miner Issues (4/1/13) 

Bud goes on an underground adventure and gets thoroughly lost. He eventually makes it home in the dark but doesn't get to enjoy it for long. The guys also find diamond at last and build their nether portal.

Episode 4: To Hell and Back (4/2/13) 

The guys head to the nether, gather nether quartz, and die. Bud dies a whole lot when the pig zombies invade their home through the portal.

Episode 5: Nether Again (4/3/13) 

The guys head back to the nether once more, but get split up by a couple ghasts. Bud won't go home until he can get Floata back safely.

Episode 6: Tracking Down (4/4/13) 

Bud takes some time out to build a minecart track from their home to the main cave system.

Episode 7: Starting the Castle (4/6/13) 

Bud and Floata start on their castle today, and Bud (with a creeper's help) quickly blows a chunk out of it.

Episode 8: Of Creepers and Castles (4/8/13) 

Our first episode where you can see both players points of view. Floata opts to try and secure the nether before he and Bud go back to work on the castle. Bud and a creeper blow the castle up again.

Episode 9: NSFW Ahoy (4/10/13) 

Dialog between Floata and viewers gets a little out of hand. Bud stays out of it. He eventually  finds a pet to bring home.

Episode 10: Capping the Castle (4/10/13) 

After last episode, Twitch chat is closed this for a while. The castle gets it's roof and Bud starts a farm.

Episode 11: The Jungle Dungeon (4/11/13) 

Twitch chat is reopened, but now the split view is down. The guys go explore another jungle and loot a jungle dungeon.

Episode 12: Fun on th Farm (4/12/13) 

Everything's back in order with both players' views and Twitch chat in action. Floata does allot of digging while Bud works on his farms.

Episode 13: Castle Continuation (4/15/13) 

Bud talks Floata into coming out of his hole to continue work on the castle.

Episode 14: St. Floata's Fire (4/17/13) 

Floata and Lava finally meet, and Floata dies a number of times.

Episode 15: Floata Digs (4/20/13) 

Debuting a new layout with equal scren share between both of the guys, Floata has found a new mine and doesn't want to come home so Bud goes to find him, discovering that the new mine is closer than they thought.

Episode 16: Bickering Locally (4/20/13) 

Floata's at Buds house for this episode, so they're on camera today. The close proximety causes havok with their microphones.

Episode 17: Bridge to Nowhere (4/22/13) 

Showing off another new layout, Floata starts a long bridge from the castle to the jungle while Bud just idles about.

Episode 18: Lighthouses and Glass Rooms (4/23/13) 

Floata finishes his bridge, Bud builds a lighthouse, and Floata glitches out a few times.

Episode 19: A Little of Everything (4/25/13) 

Bud goes through the nether and makes a new exit portal, Floata plays in lava again and Fred (their sheep) continues to warp around the castle.

Episode 20: Fussing over the Castle (4/26/13) 

Floata works on the castle while Bud screws around and plays Stump the Floata.

Episode 21: Short Stop (4/27/13) 

In this quick episode, Floata falls off the castle bridge twice and threaten's Fred's life while Bud plays spectator.

Episode 22: Bud's Pit (4/29/13) 

Bud begins his forge pit as Floata falls from the bridge again.

Episode 23: Gitched Out Part 1  and Part 2 (5/1/13) 

This episode was cut short not once but twice by technical difficulties with the stream, such as Floata appearing to be in two places at once.

Episode 24: The Great Stone Stairway (5/2/13) 

Floata works on his bridge some more, but the fun starts after he asks Bud to build a staircase from the ground to said bridge. Fred may or may not haved died, gotten lost or been eaten.

Episode 25: Farewell to Fred (5/7/13) 

Fred is found safe and sound, but has a tragic accident on his way home. A memorial is raised for him before Frank (Fred's cousin) is introduced.

Episode 26: Digging and Wandering (5/8/13) 

Floata digs (and burns), Bud wanders, and Frank gets stuck in doorways.

Episode 27: Redstone, Sheep and Guests (5/23/13) 

Two of Bud and Floata's friends, Zsturgess and Essemm drop by and help out around the castle. Zsturgess wanders away and dies (twice), Bud and Essemm go to the Nether for quartz they didn't need and Floata paves the front lawn.

Episode 28: Paving The Way (5/24/13) 

The front lawn gets fully paved as Bud and Floata get into odd debates

Episode 29: Quest for Lilly Pads (5/27/13) 

Bud wants to finish the farm so he and Floata go questing for lilly pads. They come up short, so Bud goes out and quests for more. The episode ends with a Floata's Corner question section.

Episode 30: Fire in the House - and the Forest (5/29/13) 

While Floata digs for stone, Bud builds a new barn before promptly burning it down, twice. He than plants trees just to burn them down. Floata also begins work on a new outer wall.

Episode 31:  Coaster Comes Calling (6/12/13)

This episode features gueststar Mrcoasterboy as Coaster. Coaster follows Bud as he attempts to explore jungles and get lost. Floata stays in his mine so Bud sends Coaster to go rescue him, which goes about as well as you would imagine.
Episode 32: The Darkness of the Mines (6/13/13)  - No video 
Bud and Floata dig deep into the earth, get lost and come up with a ton of goods. Sadly, this video has fallen off of the internet for the time being.

Episode 33: Bud and Coaster to the Nether (6/19/13) 

Floata handles the house and farm while Mrcoasterboy stops by again to help bud explore the nether. This goes as well as any other nether visit on this series ever has.

Episode 34: The Nether Fort (6/26/13) 

LindellW and MrCoasterboy both co-star this time. LindellW and Bud go mining while Coaster and Floata go to the nether, finally finding a nether fort. Floata burns up trying to get there, so the assault is aborted until the whole group is together. Once they get organized, the adventure begins - Bud gets slaughtered (x7), Floata walls in the walkway, Coaster climbs a pillar and LindellW gets sidetracked.

Episode 35: Bud's Busted Lighthouse (7/7/13)

Bud spends the entire episode trying to fix his lighthouse, to little success. He actually manages to make it worse rather than better. Coaster pops in and out and Floata mines, so they're up to business as usual.

Episode 36: Ok, Coaster's a Regular Now? (7/10/13) 

Coaster's back yet again, pretty much becoming a regular cast member on par with Frank the sheep (who he propses replacing). Bud and Coaster go looking for Floata in his mines (no success), Coaster hunts for a wolf, Floata mines like a madman and Bud finally fixes his lighthouse.

Episode 37: Screw Horses (7/14/13) 

Bud and Coaster spend most of the episode hunting for horses before Bud gets fed up and makes an anti-horses banner. Coaster eventually find a horse - and a dog - but they have an accident on their way home. Floata's still mining, if you're curious.

Episode 38: In Which Not Much Happens (7/14/13) 

Really. Bud wanders, Floata mines. Nothing to see here.
Episode 39: The Great Chicken Hunt - No video (7/15/13)
With Coaster absent, Bud makes a chicken farm but lacks a crucial ingredient: chickens. He and Floata spend most of an hour hunting for a chicken with little success

Episode 40: The Great Horse Hunt (7/17/13) 

Floata promised Coaster he would help him find a horse, so they set off to find one before Floata realizes he has no idea where to find a horse. Bud takes over horse hunting duties while Floata deforests an island.

Episode 41: Preparing for a Stadium Part One  and Part Two (7/18/13)

Floata decided the guys need a big build so they decide to build - of all things - a baseball stadium. In part one not much is done towards that goal.  In part two, Bud drops in late on the build in progress.

Episode 42: The Great Ghast Pitcher (7/19/13) 

The stadium takes shape (an odd shape, but shape nonetheless). It all goes well until Bud decides to try and steal an idea he saw online and put a ghast in to pitch. Much death follows.

MaMinecraft Special (4/12/13) 

This special was recorded on  Bud and Floata's public server, MaMinecraft.